YOUR Health & Safety Comes First

While the excitement and anticipation of studying abroad may push health and safety concerns to the back of your mind- it is always on ours! While you are ultimately responsible for your own health and safety the FIU Office of Education Abroad (OEA) has policies in place to ensure everyone is mindful of health and safety concerns.

All students will be required to have an OEA Medical Certification completed by a physician approximately one month before departure. Additionally, health travel insurance is included in the program cost to ensure everyone has access to care and cost coverage while abroad.

And don't forget, our host institution- The Public Health Institute of India (PHRII)- is a fully functioning health clinic, staffed by medical doctors and nurses. Additionally, PHRII has affiliations with local hospitals and medical specialists. So, there will always be medical personnel around and access to services during program activities

Please note that the GHSA program will not take place if health issues or other conditions make it unsafe for international travel or within India. Both the GHSA leadership team and Florida International University always err on the side of caution. In 2020 the program was cancelled less than eight weeks before our departure date due to Covid- 19. All student payments were refunded.

We will regularly provide updates to selected GHSA Fellows as soon as we receive them. Howver, you can also check health advisories, immunization requirements and other health recommendations for your India (and other nations) on both the U.S. State Department, and the Centers for Disease Control  websites.