How many students will be selected?

The program will accept 8 to a maximum of 12 students. This is to ensure that all participants receive a personal level academic experience. It also ensures that everyone will work closely with a research mentor to produce a quality project for graduate and medical school applications.

How firm are the program deadlines?

Students must adhere to the posted deadlines to ensure that we have established a cohesive cohort. Applications are due in November and the first payment is due January. Please carefully review all details about the key program timelines and deadlines.

What if my GPA is a little low?

The GPA minimum ensures that Global Health Program Fellows will be eligible for medical or graduate school. However, students with lower GPAs that submit strong applications indicating they will be competitive for graduate programs will be considered on a case by case basis.

What semester does this take place?

This is officially a Summer C program; however, you are only in India during four weeks of the Summer A session (month of May). Although you will have course assignments due in late July, there are no meetings requiring your physical attendance once you leave India.

Will you consider accepting non- psychology majors?

Undergraduate students from any FIU Program are welcome to apply; these courses will easily transfer for their degree. Non- psychology majors just need to work with their academic advisors to get started.

Can students from other institutions participate?

Students from other university can- and have- participate in the program. They will have to contact the FIU Office of Education Abroad and academic advisors at their home insitution to start this very easy process.

Can I use my scholarships & financial aid to pay for the program?

Yes! Students typically use a combination of financial aid, scholarships, and personal funds. As an FIU Program requiring departmental courses credits, students can use Financial Aid to fund their participation. Also, all selected fellows will receive help with finding and applying for study abroad scholarships that we have information about.

Are we required to travel to and from India as a group?

We try to coordinate students' travel from Miami to Mysore, including the transfer from Bangalore Airport. This will ensure that everyone arrives for the program together and on time. However, students can make other travel plans if they wish. In fact, we encourage students to continue travelling once the program ends.

How will this program help me with graduate or medical school?

The program has been structured to strengthen the applications of those applying to graduate or medical school programs. Professors from graduate research and medical school training programs are lead the GHSA program. Further, the assignments students must complete have been designed to serve as supplemental materials in application packages.

Wait- I still have more questions and don't know who to ask!

Contact Dr. Dionne Stephens for any questions regarding the program structure, eligibility and application processes. For individual degree planning- like how these courses fit in your degree requirements- contact your academic advisor. If you have questions about payments, medical or administrative issues, the FIU Office of Education Abroad can help you.