Our global community

The GHSA program has been providing students the opportunity to gain research experience and actively learning in a global context since 2017. A lot of time is put into ensuring that this is an extremely rewarding experience. We are happy that this program has become one of the most popular study abroad offerings due to students' ability to gain useful long term skills, increase their cultural humility awareness, and achieve the curricular goals of the Department of Psychology and FIU.

Putting this entire program, however, requires the skills, time and dedication of a collaborative team. Led by Dr. Dionne Stephens, we begin planning a year prior to departure to ensure that students have an engaging and exciting experience. This is also why our application deadlines are much earlier than most study abroad programs. The Public Health Institute of India (PHRII) serves as our host site, and numerous individuals working with this organization play a critical role in putting this program together. Below you can read more about the GHSA Program's entire leadership team.


Our Hardworking Leadership Team

Dr. Dionne Stephens

GHSA Program Director & Co Founder
Director of the CCHI Research Lab
Professor of Psychology

Florida International University

Dr. Purnima Madhivanan

Director of PHRII
GHSA Program Co Founder
Associate Professor of Health Promotion

University of Arizona

Dr. Indira Ramarao

GHSA- India Program Liason
Professor Emeritus of Sociology- University of Mysore

Public Health Research Institute of India

Ms. Poornima Jay

GHSA- India Program Administrator & Site Coordinator
PHRII Administrator, HR & Finance Officer

Public Health Research Institute of India