Interactive Course Experiences

"This is the best way to enhance your psychology experience at FIU- you get a unique experience with academic and fieldwork. My research project examining ADHD in India. I presented my findings at two conferences and published a peer reviewed article. This program definitely helped me improve my training and achieve my goal to enter graduate school."

~ Geraldine Cadet, 2017 Cohort, 2017 Ronald E. McNair Fellow, 2018 Rhodes Scholar Finalist, 2019 Worlds Ahead Scholar & FIU Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student

This Global Health Study Abroad program is open to undergraduate students attending any post- secondary institution in the United States. However, the curriculum fulfills degree requirements differently across majors. Below you will find information about the course requirements for FIU Psychology Majors and Minors.

FIU undergraduate students in other programs or schools, and non- FIU undergraduate students are also welcome to participate. You are just encouraged to speak with your academic advisor about what courses work best for your degree plan. Additionally, students attending other institutions should contact the FIU Office of Education Abroad and work with the academic advisors at their home insitution to start the administrative process specific to their school's requirements.

Graduate level students interested in participating or completing clinical/ practicum hours should contact Dr. Stephens directly.

GHSA Courses

Course Descriptions

CLP 4314: Psychology of Health & Illness (3 Credits)

This course will focus on core Western psychological health content while requiring students to compare, contrast, and apply these in international contexts. This course fulfills the university wide upper division Global Learning requirement. It can also be used as an Area C requirement for Psychology majors, or upper level psychology elective.

PSY 4931: Senior Seminar in Global Health (3 Credits)

This course fulfills the Senior Seminar Capstone requirement for Psychology majors (or can be used as an upper level psychology elective). Students will utlize their critical thinking and application skills through the preparation of a significant research project that integrates what they learned in for CLP 4314: Psychology of Health and the research experiences they will be exposed to in Mysore. It is not necessary to rush to take PSY 3213: Research Methods prior to participating in the program. GHSA Fellows that have not taken PSY 3213: Research Methods will be given special permission to enroll for this required course out of sequence.

Students with credit hour limitations or have completed these courses 

Those students who have already taken these two courses or have  reached the maximum number of credit hours can register for up to 6 credits of PSY 4940: Research Internship. As PSY 4940: Research Internship credits are Pass/ Fail, they do not count toward credit hour limits;  this means you  avoid excess credit hour  pentalities registering under this option. However, this also means that they will not count toward your GPA calculation. Please discuss what it the best option with your academic advisor.

Non Psychology Majors & Students from other Institutions

You do not have to be a psychology major or attend Florida International University to be a part of this program- we have had students from the University of Florida and Florida States as fellows. Additionally, biology, criminal justice, religion, pre med, public health, women's studies, and theater majors are among our alumni. Typically non majors and students attending other institutions use these course credits as degree electives. Academic advisors in any major or school and the FIU Office of Study Abroad can confirm how these course credits will fit within your degree requirements.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor in their major to go over how these courses fit within their overall degree plan.